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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is prominently featured at the top of Google search pages when users conduct searches. Many companies have experienced significant sales improvements through PPC. It proves especially beneficial for companies whose websites struggle to rank on the first or second page of Google searches.

Pay per click advertising ensures your ads appear at the top for your chosen search phrase. You have budget control by specifying the amount you’re willing to spend daily, weekly, or monthly. PPC ads consistently occupy the top section of Google search results. Importantly, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

We'll Use Pay Per Click Advertising to Help You...

  • Get ahead of your competition
  • Sell more of your product or service
  • Improve your ROI with scalable pay-per click (PPC) marketing
  • Acquire more customers and get more website traffic.

Types of Pay Per Click Advertising

Display and Search Adversiting

Display advertising, also known as display marketing, entails promoting products, services, or brands through visually appealing ads displayed on digital platforms. These ads typically combine text and images to capture users’ attention and prompt them to take action.

Utilizing eye-catching visuals, compelling messages, and strategic ad placements, display advertising aims to engage users and spark interest in the promoted content.

It’s important to distinguish display advertising from search advertising. Display advertising is an outbound marketing approach that proactively shows ads to users, while search advertising is an inbound marketing strategy that displays ads in response to user-initiated searches.

Social Adversiting

Social media advertising, a subset of social media marketing, involves utilizing paid media to promote your business across various channels within the social media landscape. This media encompasses diverse formats and placements, supporting a variety of creative content, ranging from images and videos to immersive experiences.

Commonly known as paid social, social media advertising differs from paid search, where the focus is on targeting keywords and terms. In the realm of social media advertising, the emphasis shifts to targeting specific audiences, interests, and behaviors. These ads are typically more visual and branded, seamlessly blending into the platform to the extent that they may be challenging to distinguish as advertisements.

Curious? Here are some ways we can use Pay Per Click Advertising to grow your business online.

Target Your Ads to the Right People at the Right Time

We will target your ads to the exact people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer, when they’re looking for it. Perfect timing, right?

Pay Per Click Provides Many Ways to Create a Highly Targeted Audience

We’ll use these options to target the exact audience you want to see your ads. Here are some of the choices that can make your campaign more targeted:

  • Keywords: Use the words that are most relevant to your products and/or services – the words your customers are using to search for your product/service
  • Location of your ads: Choose to show your ads in Google search and/or display or social networks
  • Age, location and language: Select the geographic area, age range and language of your customers
  • Days, times and frequency: Show your ads during certain days and hours of the day
  • Devices: Choose which devices your ads appear on at what time

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Control Your Costs

Choose how much you want to spend each month. You don’t have to pay unless someone actually clicks on your ad.

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Measure Your Success

We’ve got robust pay-per-click ad reporting capability. You’ll receive monthly reports that include recorded phone calls, form submissions, and/or sales generated by your campaign. Therefore, you will know what your return on investment is.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s worth a conversation. Let’s talk it over.