Fleet Services of Knoxville

Fleet Truck Repair Service.

Fleet Services of Knoxville wanted high-intent leads. They were ready to grow their business! Together, we developed a strategy that utilized Google as the foundation for pay-per-click advertising. 

To support the highly-relevant ads we are running, we created this landing page to focus on their primary call to action – phone calls. And, I designed it to match their primary website so that branding is consistent. 

This highly relevant landing page, in combination with the targeted Google ads campaign is generating even more phone calls than we had initially predicted!

Google Ads System – Including Landing Page Design

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Our Google ads system is precise! We utilize highly relevant keywords to create highly targeted ads and landing pages that are exactly what your target audience is searching for. In addition, we base our Google ad campaigns on a database of reliable campaign data. If you’re ready to grow your business in a big way, contact us today!