WordPress Website Design Services

Establishing a website is a straightforward process, but our expertise goes beyond that. We craft strategic experiences designed to captivate your audience, all while enhancing the credibility of your brand.

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Mindy Marketing offers WordPress website design services for small businesses, nonprofits and healthcare offices. Located near Knoxville, TN, Mindy Marketing is helping clients both locally and throughout the United States improve their online presence and grow their businesses. 

We have experience designing many types of websites! The most common types include:

  • Business
  • E-Commerce
  • Blog
  • Appointments & Bookings
  • Real Estate (MLS)
  • Nonprofit
  • Membership
  • Personal

We Offer WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress websites now serve as the predominant web design platform for the majority of professional web designers, and for good reason. WordPress provides a user-friendly back-end dashboard, empowering you as the client to independently update your website whenever you would like. Not only that, but you, the client, will own your WordPress website.

WordPress websites boast the industry’s most extensive array of SEO optimization plugins, and the open-source platform inherently prioritizes SEO. While you may not currently require search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, the assurance lies in the fact that your site was constructed using WordPress when the need arises.

Following are a few reasons we choose WordPress for our clients:

Free and Open-Source

The WordPress software is free, open-source, and user-friendly. It is employed by over 43% of all websites on the internet.

Versitile Plugin Integration

Add free, paid, or custom WordPress plugins/apps to enhance your website’s functionality whenever you need to.

Powerful Analytics

Utilize robust tools like Google Analytics for in-depth analytics and tracking.

E-Commerce Capabilities

Establish an online store to sell digital or physical products, accept credit card payments, and manage direct delivery/shipping.

Membership and Community Building

Create membership sites, offering premium content, courses, forums, etc., and build a thriving online community around your website.

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WordPress Website Design Services FAQ

Do you offer hourly or package-rate WordPress website design services?

We offer WordPress website design services to fit every need.

  • Hourly consulting
  • Standard website design packages (Built with on-page SEO)
  • Complex website design packages (Built with on-page SEO)

Our website packages start at $1500.00, though prices may vary significantly based on the complexity and scope of the project.

For $1500, you’ll receive our basic landing page package. On average, most clients with standard website requirements find that the cost is $2500 – $3000. However, it’s important to note that some projects can exceed $10,000 based on specific needs and complexities.

Factors that could impact the pricing may include:

  • Do you have your own images that can be used on your website?
  • Do you already have a logo?
  • Will you be supplying your own copy/content?
  • How many pages do you anticipate for your website?
  • What specific functionalities are you looking for, if any?
  • Are you seeking a design similar to another website, and if so, how elaborate is that website? Generally, the level of complexity in design can indicate the extent of the work involved.

The completion time for your site will be determined by several factors, including:

  • The effectiveness of communication between us and your responsiveness when needed.
  • Whether you have provided all necessary materials and information from your end to facilitate the building of your new site.
  • Our current workload and availability.

Following the completion of your WordPress website, we provide training for you - if you want to learn.

We offer comprehensive WordPress website design services! And, that includes training.

If you would rather not manage your website, we are delighted to manage it for you. However, if you prefer to update your website independently, we are happy to provide you with the necessary guidance and training. We will create concise tutorials on editing your new website. These tutorials take the form of personalized video guides, providing you with a resource you can refer to long after our collaboration concludes.

We also provide hosting and maintenance to keep your website secure and running smoothly.

We provide comprehensive WordPress website design services. And, that includes hosting and maintenance!

After we’ve completed your website, it will be time to begin monthly hosting and maintenance. Learn more about Mindy Marketing’s worry-free monthly website hosting and maintenance service.

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